Electrical engineering

  • Transformer stations

TKS installs transformer stations in the low-voltage range and thus ensures a secure power supply for large and industrial customers.

  • Low-voltage main distribution boards and subdistribution boards

The connection and commissioning of low-voltage main distribution boards and subdistribution boards are among our core competencies. We install distributions from industry to single-family homes.

  • Emergency power systems (NEA, USV)

Emergency power systems as well as UPS systems are offered by TKS in cooperation with long-term partners from various manufacturers.

  • Cable infrastructure

TKS plans and builds cable support systems for the cabling of buildings. Our competences also include infrastructure systems with functional integrity (E30 / E90) and escape route systems according to LAR.

  • Building cabling

One of our specialties is the cabling of buildings. We lay both heavy and light current cables.

  • Installation work

TKS has many years of experience in the field of installation. We develop a fully comprehensive installation concept for our customers.

  • Lighting systems

TKS installs lighting systems from general lighting to escape and rescue route lighting. As a competent partner, we offer the installation of lighting systems with planning of lighting calculations.

  • Building automation systems

In times of digitalization and energy transition, a modern and future-proof building installation becomes more and more important. TKS is a reliable partner in the installation and commissioning of modern building automation systems such as KNX, DALI or Smart Home.

  • Electrical commissioning according to DIN VDE 0100-600 or DGUV V3 tests and E-Check

As an experienced electrical installation company, TKS offers electrical commissioning according to DIN VDE 0100-600. In addition, we carry out tests of your equipment according to DGUV V3 or E-Check of your existing distributions.

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